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There are printing houses all over Hungary, there are smaller ones and there are larger ones.

In the meantime, our Company certainly represents your interests. Bringing a rich heritage in the accelerated 21st century. We are indispensable ambassadors for maximalist service, working with a customer-centric approach and a number of technical innovations.

Our goal is to further strengthen your outstanding reputation with the professional support of our printing company. Our clients are connected to the downtown Printing Company brand.

All the supplier discounts of our continuously growing company can be felt by our customers on the production costs of the final product.

We love this work, we love to create with our customers and we want to be able to boast about your name in our references!

We have been waiting 15 years to create together!

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FSC® - Guarantee to nature

Environmental awareness and the protection of our environment have become the defining task of the 21st century.
We pay more and more attention to this not only at home, in our daily lives, but also at work.
Can a printing company be able to meet these challenges?
The answer is: Yes! With responsible forest management, wood production and paper usage, now closely linked by an abbreviation, the FSC®. Forest Stewardship Council® , It is an independent, internationally recognized organization established with the aim of promoting the responsible management of the world's forests. We are proud that since 2013 our printing house has also had this certificate, as through us our customers can also do something for a greener future!

FSC® C117452

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