Our Services

It is important for us to be an experienced, expertised and reliable contact to our partners within the printing industry. Our versatility supplemented with flexibility. Our policy: To ensure the interests and requires of our partners.
We are not just producing the idea of our clients but offering more cost-effective, spectacular and faster solutions.

Offset Printing

Our versatility supplemented with flexibility. We are not just producing the idea of our clients but offering more cost-effective, spectacular and faster solutions.

From the quotation request we record every part of the workflow in our computer system, therefore a production can be monitored and retrievable.

Using X-Rite EasyTrax  Color management we can provide colorproofed sheets. It Speeds up the production. The printing method will be more efficient and safer

Graphic Design

We offer solutions in designing too. You can order from us not just the printing and binding works but the graphic design as well. Our creative experts will help you to make a logo, an image, a poster or a business-card specialized to your needs.

We undertake the design and redaction of publications image, car decoration or even exhibition materials.

Finishing Solutions

  • Wire stitching, Perfect binding, Stitching thread, Soft and hardcover binding,special folding, punching, sticking, mounting, laminating, unique varnishing solutions, embossing
  • Gilding

Special binding, production of miniaturized publications:

  • Coupon booklets, pocket books, unique folded products


Computer to Plate, means pdf file, print made directly without creating a film on the printing plates.

The color separation and the hatching patterns of the pdf takes place in the equipment too. Hundredths of a millimeter precision, laser CTP is being made

The plates can be put immediately into the printing equipment to  print. Currently it is the most modern recording.

Prinitng Digital Proof

The proof is a kind of presentation of the final product’s pre-print.

For the subsequent divergences, mistakes and clarification of  responsibility the pre- given digital proof is a determinant relevance. The required quality only in this case shall be expected.

Digital Sheet Printing

You need only 1 poster or flag? No problem, with digital printing we can serve you in a couple of hours.

Within our digital poster printers we can print wide range of raw materials. The print carriers might be made of a variety of materials, therefore we undertake, paper, adhesive vinyl roll-up material, PVC sheet, screening backlite, flag, molino (cutting, mounting…etc.) which are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Digital Sheet Printing

Ideal solution of sort run, color or black and white printing works.

What are the benefits of digital printing for you?

  • It is economic in case of a small number of copies( 100 or less print)
  • Possibility of personalized printing
  • No adjustment and mold cost
  • Short lead-time


The paper, cardboard or sheet punching along a line, in order that, during the processing or use, the material is separable or among a strong fault line to be bent.

Punching - Scratching

Cutting to shape form the printed product is the so-called punching.

This is the way boxes, folders or unique brochures are made in which for example there are round cut or notches.

Almost the same but a different type of knife is carried out in the scoring, which is cutting the self-adhesive label outline into half, in order to facilitate the stripping.


Sorszámozás, perszonalizálás

Such data like numbers, accost, indication of address or other marketing purposes for awareness can be changed in different publications.

There is an increasing demand for different data print, in specially for  the improved color versions.

The fact that we offer our customers wider options for print applications, we help them to achieve marketing their goals.

With colorful, personalized information it is easier to capture the attention of users.

Packing / Box Manufacturing

Packing is a silent vendor- shopping with the eye, buy what you like

We undertake to prepare boxes

  • Carton boxes until maximum 400 GR/M2
  • Arc mounted corrugated boxes

(Corrugated base,-different types)

Product Photography

If you want to see your product in high resolution in your catalogue, flyers, or website, we undertake the digitizing from the photo shooting to the retouch.

Exhibition Decoration

Among our services: decoration of stands like inscription designing, producing and emplacement can be found. Graphic design and mounting of stages, scenery walls and decorative works carried out on request.

Reference: Local and International exhibitions of Hungexpo Rt.